Friday-Night Films at the Wende: "USSR Art"

Friday-Night Films at the Wende: USSR Art
Friday, April 12, 2019, 7 p.m.


On July 7, 1988, Sotheby's conducted an historic art auction in Moscow at which 100 paintings by once clandestine artists sold for over $3 million. This latest manifestation of glasnost reverberated throughout the Moscow art world, bringing unforeseen opportunities and problems for a generation of previously unacknowledged, "unofficial," artists.

USSR Art plunges into the middle of this economic and aesthetic confusion, presenting a fascinating overview of Soviet art and artists in transition, and of a society struggling with its first flirtations with commercialism. Featuring interviews with many of these leading artists (who have suddenly become celebrities), as well as a large representative sampling of their works, USSR Art provides an invaluable window on what was then the most rapidly developing and exciting movement in the international art world.

1988. Directed by Barbara Herbich.

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