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While we remain temporarily closed to help combat the spread of COVID-19, we invite you to experience the Wende Museum online. We hope that interacting with these resources can provide inspiration and a sense of community from afar. Below are some of the ways that you can virtually visit the Wende.

Content will be added by the staff throughout the museum's temporary closure. Check back often and follow @wendemuseum on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Our newest digital resources can be found easily by searching #WendeOnline. 

Connect with Upcoming Online Programs

March 10, 2021: Border Space: Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall

March 12, 2021: Reviving Traditional Central Asian Music: Virtual Concert and Discussion

March 17, 2021: Art Past Present with Chelle Barbour

April 1, 2021: Virtual Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

April 2, 2021: Transformations: The Cold War of Poetry & Protest

Experience Virtual Exhibitions

Click the play button to open the full 3D experience. Use your mouse and/or arrow keys to navigate through the gallery spaces. Zoom in and out using the scroll function of your mouse. Click on the colored circles for details about artworks and related exhibition content. Viewing the tour in full screen is recommended. For expanded virtual tour instructions, click here.

Please direct all inquiries to info@wendemuseum.org.

Wende Museum Virtual Tour

Matterport 3D Showcase

Watch the Opening Program

Read the exhibition catalogue for Transformations: Living Room -> Flea Market -> Museum -> Art

Read the exhibition catalogue for See Thy Neighbor: Stern Photographers Thomas Hoepker and Harald Schmitt






Past Programs

March 5, 20221: Soviet Rock Panel Discussion

March 3, 2021: Monumental Space: Public Art in Kazakhstan

February 24, 2021: Anti-Racist Space: Paul Robeson Between East and West

February 17, 2021: Solidarity Space: East German Architecture in Vietnam

February 11, 2021: Art Past Present with Meleko Mokgosi

February 3, 2021: Secession Space: Ukraine’s Path to Independence

January 29, 2021: Film Discussion with Vladimir Paperny on Hollywood in Moscow

January 27, 2021: Grassroots Space: German Utopias Before and After the Wende

January 13, 2021: Reconstruction Space: Civilizing Europe After World War II

December 16, 2020: Art Past Present with Sichong Xie

December 9, 2020: Undercover Space: Cold War Spy Adventures

December 6, 2020: Virtual Guided Exhibitions Tour

December 2, 2020: Celluloid Space: Hollywood's Cold War

November 25, 2020: Culinary Space: Debates and Practices

November 20, 2020: Soviet Anti-Semitisms – A Lecture by J. Arch Getty

November 18, 2020: Art Past Present with Mariam Ghani

November 13, 2020: Playground of the Autocrats - Presentation and Interview with Artist Anne Bobroff-Hajal

November 15, 2020: Live Historical Witness Project Interview with Andrei Markovits

November 11: Wende Election Reflection with Ellen DuBois, Brenda Stevenson, and Joes Segal

October 28, 2020: Protest Space: Identity, Culture, and Resistance in Belarus

October 25, 2020: Virtual Guided Tour

October 21, 2020: Ballot Space: Soviet Elections in Perspective

October 14, 2020: Art Past Present with Ira Eduardovna

October 8, 2020: Profiling Space: Policing During and After the Cold War

October 4, 2020: Virtual Opening of Transformations and See Thy Neighbor

September 30, 2020: Connecting Space: Rock Music Between East and West

September 23, 2020: Psychic Space: Brainwashing in the Cold War

September 16, 2020: Art Past Present with Aneesa Shami

September 9, 2020: Flower Power Space: The Soviet Hippie Community

September 3, 2020: What Remains – Online Screening and Discussion with Heidi Duckler Dance

September 2, 2020: Counterculture Space: The East German Hip-Hop Scene

August 28, 2020: Hollywood in Moscow: "The Iron Curtain" vs. "Goodbye, America!," Discussion with Vladimir Paperny

August 26, 2020: Colonial Space: Beyond the Logo Map

August 19, 2020: Art Past Present with Enrique Martínez Celaya

August 12, 2020: Exhibition Space: Art as Diplomacy Across the Cold War Divide

August 5, 2020Spaces of Television: Between Propaganda and Consumerism 

July 29, 2020: Urban Space: Freeway Construction and its Community Impact

July 29, 2020: Contested Space: Communist and Confederate Monuments

July 15, 2020: Aesthetic Space: Artistic Interpretations of Cold War History

July 8, 2020: Gender Space: Who Should a Woman Speak For in a Post World Order?

July 1, 2020: Community Space: Multimedia Art and African American Community Formation in LA

June 24, 2020: Contaminated Space: Long Radioactive Half-Lives and Short Media Cycles in Chernobyl

July 17, 2020: Queer Spaces in East Germany: Between Persecution and Liberation 

June 10, 2020: From Russia with Space: Cold War Cosmic Imaginations

June 3, 2020: Picturing Space: East and West German Perspectives on the GDR

May 29, 2020: Film Discussion with Vladimir Paperny: Hollywood in Moscow

May 27, 2020: Expanding Space: Design and Emancipation in China: A Conversation with Ole Bouman

May 20, 2020: Shadow Space: Soviet Secret Cities in Transition: A Conversation with Xenia Vytuleva-Herz

May 13, 2020: Secret Space and the Stasi: A Conversation with Dagmar Hovestädt

May 10, 2020: Fact and Fiction: Art, News, and Propaganda – A virtual discussion presented with the Pacific Council on International Policy

May 6, 2020: Public Space Under Socialism: A Conversation with Vladimir Kulić

April 29, 2020: Private Space in the Soviet Union: A Conversation with Susan E. Reid

April 13-17, 2020: #AskACurator Week 

April 3, 2020: Virtual Medea Insurrection Wikipedia Edit-a-thon